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Welcome to Celebrity Cakes, purveyor of Wedding Cakes, Cupcake Bouquets and Confections for all of your lavish celebrations.  We specialise in creating unique bespoke cakes and fancies with an exquisite flavour profile
Here are some questions we are often asked.

Q: Why did you decide to concentrate mainly on wedding cakes?
A: At the very start of building the business, Tina initially became aware of the increasingly common practice to use cake mixes, pre-bought cakes, fillings and sugar flowers and inflate the price just because it was a wedding cake.  Tina was concerned with this practice and felt that due to their price wedding cakes should be better than this. So in addition to the outside looking beautiful, the inside should be baked from scratch and not filled with overly sweet jams or flavourings from a bottle. Real ingredients should shine through. Because of this, we have the same pricing matrix regardless of if you order a celebration cake or a wedding cake. Tina personally makes every single element herself, even the flower sugar paste.  For these reasons, wedding cakes became a natural migration due to the demand for our services in this area.

Q: How soon should I order a cake?
A: We would advise that you let us know as soon as you have the date for your event and for weddings, as soon as you have your venue booked. Please be aware that the dates between April and September fill up extremely quickly. During wedding season we reduce the number of other products we make available for ordering simply because wedding cakes take a lot of time. We have made cupcake bouquets with only three days notice, so please feel free to get in touch and check your date.

Q: My event is outdoors, do I need to mention when ordering?
A: Some cake styles are tricky outdoors, please let us know in advance about this or any other special arrangements where your cake will be displayed or stored.

Q: Will delivery of the cake be needed?
A: We always try to deliver a stacked cake ourselves as they are fragile. Generally, we cover Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire for weddings but we will always aim to meet the requirements of our customers, subject to mileage delivery prices if further afield. 

Q: Can I collect my cake?
A: Absolutely! If you are picking the cake up yourself, we can agree on a pickup time and will include internal construction, care instructions and sturdy packaging for your edible work of art. Our cakes have gone to Scotland without a hitch!

Q: How many guests will the cake serve?
A: There are many variations and how to achieve the correct number of portions and certainly more options than going for the traditional three-tier cake. We are happy to help with your enquiry and budget.

Q: What size cake will I need?
A: Our suggested portion sizes are only as a guide as the exact number of portions very much depends on how the cake is cut. We include a cutting guide for your venue to the suggested portion sizes with each cake supplied.

Q: How much is a three-tier cake?
A: There are many combinations available including heights and width of tiers and type of finish which will change the price. We sometimes include a shallow height tier to serves the same number of portions than a taller tier but the price is significantly different. Wedding cakes can cost a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds depending on a number of portions and the amount of time taken to decorate them and if they require table dressing etc. A three-tier cake is still our most popular size and a Semi Naked Rustic finished cake made without fondant, finished in chocolate truffle ganache are from around £277 for a small three tier. Fondant covered cakes cost more, buttercream finish cost less. Sugar flowers cost more than edible paper flowers which cost less.  Book a consultation and Tina will help with all the complexity of ordering a cake. She has excellent skills in designing wedding cakes to meet strict budgets.

Q: How many tiers do I need?
A: Although it is a matter of personal taste and individual style, the number of tiers required is often influenced by the number of guests. We can offer a rough guide and share our experience so please get in touch to discuss. We can add fake tiers for drama and kitchen cakes for portion control.

Q: What flavours are available for my cake?
A: Our website offers the basic information for just a few flavours. We have over 20 flavours and are always adding when we come across new flavours.  We have just added Worcester berry compote to our fillings which is glorious. We also make a whole host of wedding and party favours and of course cupcake bouquets. Please ask for a menu or use our contact page.

Q: What if my guests have special dietary requirements?
A: We pride ourselves in specialising in gluten-free and offer many options. Our customers are our number one priority, so please be sure to advise us of any special requirements or allergies well in advance and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you and your quests. For all wedding cake bookings over £300, we supply your gluten intolerant guests with their very own gluten-free cake with our compliments.  This demonstrates our passion for gluten-free and belief that everyone should experience the joy of a well-made gourmet cake at your wedding.  For other diety requirements, please just ask.

Q: My day has an important theme, can you support this?
A: Of course! Do you have a mood board of cake ideas or design elements that you like? This can be special colours, fabric swatches, ribbons or laces. Design details from the bridal gown, wedding or party invitations. While we very rarely offer novelty bride and groom figurines or include them in our designs, we get to know our clients and can ensure a design that meets your expectations.

Q: There's so much choice when it comes to wedding cakes, we don't know where to start. Can you help us?
A: Don't worry we get this a lot, call us or use our contact form.  We're only too happy to help.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: You can pay by cash in person by Paypal or bank transfer.